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Reaching, planting, training, and touching is the four-fold mission of Assemblies of God World Missions. Our 2,098 appointed missionaries and 615 missionary associates are committed to reaching every area of our world — especially unreached people groups —with the message of Jesus Christ.


That’s why we minister in a Spirit-led and synergistic way in 248 countries and territories of our world. We all share the goal Jesus put forth in Matthew 16:18, “to build the church of Jesus Christ.” That’s why we have more than 330,000 churches in our network worldwide. Our missionaries are committed to training people in discipleship to the highest level of academic excellence. That’s why we have more than 1,000 training entities around the world. And we are committed to touching the poor and suffering from the compassion of Jesus. It’s why we reach out to those in the slums, brothels, ghettos, and work with the orphans, the sick, and the broken, in the spirit of Luke 4:18, “preach to the poor, proclaim freedom to prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind and release the oppressed.”

We are a missions focused church and ask that you join with us in obeying the Great Commission. We believe that if we take care of God's missionaries, he will take care of our church! We currently support 91 missionaries and missions projects worldwide and are always looking to increase that number and be able to give more. Our vision is the same as 2 Peter 3:9; That no one should perish without a chance to hear the gospel at least once.  In 2020, through God's grace, Industry Assembly sent over $109,000 to our missions partners!

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